Customization and Production of Cotton Materials

We are not only a factory for finished products such as makeup cotton and face towels, but also a raw material manufactyre for cotton fabric roll and spunlace cotton roll. The independent production of raw materials by manufacturers not only reduces costs, but also effectively controls the quality of products, better quality assurance for customers.
Raw material preparation: Natural pure cotton or plant fiber are used as the raw material. These raw materials have undergone preliminary processing,ensure its quality and applicability, and determine that the raw material you need to use pure cotton or viscose, or mixed.
Cotton opening and loosening: using specific machines to open and loosen raw materials. Disperse the fibers and prepare them for subsequent processes.
Thickness and weight: You can choose from various weights such as 120gsm,150gsm, 180gsm, 200gsm, 230gsm, etc.
Sorting and networking: Using a sorting machine to comb blended fibers into a mesh structure, making the fibers arranged in an orderly manner, prepare for subsequent processing.
Winding: The fabric is wound into a roll by a winding machine, then pack with wrapping film and non woven bag to protect the roll for transportation. 
Cutting: the width of our machine from 90cm-320cm,after finished the complate roll,we can cut the width according to customer’s requirement,to fit the production of their machine.


Each step in the production of cotton fabric roll and spunlaced cotton roll requires strict control of process parameters and quality standards,to ensure the performance and quality of the final product, choose high-quality manufacturers to ensure quality.

Cotton Fabric Roll and Spunlaced Cotton Roll


Cotton Fabric Roll

Cotton fabric roll is a type of roll product made of cotton and facbric,which is composed of two surface layers of non-woven fabric and middle layer cotton.It has functional characteristics such as softness, breathability, water absorption,because of the surface layer is cotton fabric, it is wear resistance and not easy to tear compare with cotton roll,we have conventional weight of 120gsm,150gsm, 180gsm,200gsm and 230gsm,or other weights which customer needs.


Spunlaced Cotton Roll

The raw material of spunlace cotton roll is 100% natural cotton,also can mixed with plant fiber,which has strong water absorption, good insulation performance, high wet strength, low fuzz, no static electricity, no sensitization, 100% natural decomposition, and ecological protection. This makes spunlaced cotton roll widely used in multiple fields. The conventional weight options include 120gsm,150gsm,180gsm, 190gsm, 200gsm, 220gsm, or other weights which customer needs.

Our Strengths


As a manufacturing factory for finished products and raw materials, while ensuring product quality, the daily output of cotton fabric roll reaches 10000kg+,and that of spunlace cotton roll reaches 30000kg+.

Ensuring the production demand of customers and factories,The factory will improve production efficiency and product quality by increasing production equipment, optimizing production processes, and improving equipment maintenance levels.

Container Loading and Shipping

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The smooth loading of containers plays a crucial role in ensuring that goods can be shipped on time and safely. Maximize the use of container space to reduce transportation costs for customers. Industrial container loading also needs to comply with relevant international standards and regulations to ensure smooth customs clearance of goods during customs inspection.

Understanding The Market and Improving Service Quality


As a new era enterprise, advancing with the times is the company's philosophy, and one language and one culture represent a region. Of course, a product is also a postcard for a region, and we need to quickly make product production proposals based on the customer's region and culture.In order to provide better customr services,the company actively participates in domestic and foreign exhibitions, constantly learns and improves, and aspires to become a top service team.

Regarding Customization, Wholesale and Retail of Cosmetic Cotton Pads

Regarding the issue of customized, wholesale and retail roll materials
Question 1: What information is required for customized materials?
Question 2: How long is the production cycle generally?
Question 3: What is the minimum order quantity for materials?
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