Makeup removal with me, spunlaced cotton pads

Recently, Amazon buyers in Europe and America are looking for a very soft, comfortable, and delicate makeup removal cotton pad. This cotton pad is made of high-quality spunlaced cotton material, which is sprayed by countless small high-pressure water guns to make the cotton material very fluffy and soft, which has won the favor of many markets.

One of the Dutch Amazon sellers is very fond of this cotton sheet. We only cut, heat press, and dot the cotton sheet. The surface layer of the cotton sheet is thick and pure cotton, which can be easily torn open by hand. The middle and surface layer seem to have only one layer of cotton, and the weight of a cotton sheet is enough to reach 190 grams. Combined with the natural texture of natural cotton, this cotton sheet highlights its dignity, Cotton sheets meet the standard of direct contact with baby skin, combined with highly personalized kraft paper boxes, giving the product a noble and elegant temperament. Not only does it have a beautiful appearance, but the price is also cheaper than in the same market.


Feminine clean beautiful makeup remover cotton pad (6)
Disposable double sided cleaning round makeup cotton pads (1)






Secondly, with the new design concept of low-carbon and environmentally friendly, the packaging is paired with recyclable kraft paper boxes with highly personalized design patterns, positioning the product directly in the mid to high-end range and deeply loved by European and American women.
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Post time: Apr-20-2023