Customization and Production of Wet Wipes

Our wet wipes factory is a professional factory that integrates production, testing, and packaging, committed to providing consumers with high-quality, safe, and reliable products.

Materials: Non woven fabrics used for wet wipes production have 100% Viscose, 100% cotton, wood pulp+other fibers, 30% polyester, 70% Viscose and other materials.
Weight: The weight of wet wipes commonly used in the market is 45gsm-50gsm, and we can also produce different weights such as 55gsm, 60gsm, 65gsm.
Pattern: The pattern of non-woven fabric plays a significant role in the effectiveness of wet wipes, including various patterns such as pearl pattern, plain pattern, F pattern, and polka dot pattern.
Formula: The function of wet wipes is determined by their formula. We have different formulas such as cleaning, makeup removal, pure water, baby, etc
Package: The package for wet wipes varies in different usage scenarios. The conventional package for wet wipes include extraction wet wipe bags, plastic cans, and independent package. We can make wet wipes of different specifications, such as 1 to 120 pieces.

Selection of Wet Wipe Types

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The texture of wet wipes significantly influences the user experience. Different weights and textures result in varying levels of cleanliness, softness, and water absorption. Higher material weights lead to stronger water absorption and better performance. Fewer wrinkles can gently clean the skin, while more wrinkles are more effective in achieving cleaning effects.

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Biodegradable wipes are made from tencel fibers with a diameter of 0.5-1.5 dtex and a length of 10-12mm, combined with wood pulp fibers with a length of 2-3mm. This material, intertwined through water jet technology, feels soft and delicate, with high water and liquid absorption, and completely degrades after use.

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Non-degradable wet wipes primarily contain non-natural fiber components, such as polyester fibers (polyester). These wipes cannot be broken down by microorganisms in the natural environment. It is usually recommended to use materials made from 100% cotton or 100% adhesive.


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The texture of wet wipes affects the user experience. Different weights and textures result in different levels of cleanliness, softness, and water absorption. The higher the weight of the material, the stronger its water absorption, and the better its effect. With fewer wrinkles, it can gently clean the skin, while with more wrinkles, it is more effective in achieving cleaning effects.

Choice of Wipes Packaging

cleaning wipes

Wipes dispenser

Suitable for home or office use. The design of the wipes dispenser can maintain the moisture of the wipes and facilitate extraction. Some wipes dispensers are also equipped with sealed covers to prevent the wipes from drying out or becoming contaminated.


Individual wipes

Each wipe has its own airtight packaging, which helps the wipes retain moisture and prevent microbial growth, making it ideal for use during travel or in situations where wipes need to be replaced frequently.

pure water wipes

Extractor wipes package

Adopting sealed aluminum film and flip cover design to ensure the tightness and moisture of the wipes. Extractor wipes packaging is convenient for parents to operate with one hand, suitable for use when taking care of infants or young children.

Our Strengths

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Our wet wipes factory has an experienced and skilled team, with various wet wipes production machines that can produce wipes of different specifications ranging from 1 to 120 pieces. We strictly adhere to hygiene and quality standards to ensure the cleanliness and hygiene of wet wipes products. We use advanced wet wipes production equipment and technology to precisely control the quality and stability of wet wipes. This ensures the quality and production efficiency of wet wipes products. We always adhere to customer-centricity and operate with integrity, winning the trust and support of a large number of consumers.

Loading and Shipping

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The smooth progress of loading plays a key role in ensuring that the goods can be shipped on time and safely. Maximizing the use of container space reduces transportation costs for customers. Industrial container loading also needs to follow relevant international standards and regulations to ensure smooth customs clearance during customs inspections.


Understanding The Market and Improving Service Quality


As an enterprise in the new era, the company's philosophy is to keep pace with the times. One language and one culture represent one region. Of course, a product is also a postcard of a region. We need to quickly make proposals for product production based on the customer's region and culture to better serve customers. The company actively participates in domestic and foreign exhibitions, continuously learns and progresses, and strives to become a top service team.

About Customization, Wholesale and Retail Wipes

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