How to Choose Customized Products (Distribution, Wholesale, Retail)

After 20 years production of cotton pad, different domestic and international customers have been building, continuously improving and breaking through in terms of technology, quality, production speed, etc., meeting all customer needs and helping customers complete sales.

Optional weight: Cosmetic pad have different weights, and the weight of makeup cotton determines the thickness and user experience of the product. The standard weight is 120gsm, 150gsm, 180gsm, 200gsm, and other different weights.

Optional patterns: The cosmetic cotton pads has a variety of patterns, different patterns with different function,it affects the tactile sensation of use,also customer they will choose the pattern they like,with various shapes such as plain, mesh, stripes, and heart shapes,also we can customized the patterns that customer needs, 7-10 days we can make new pattern.

Available shapes: Various shape of cotton pads such as round, square, oval, cotton rounds and rounded corners,

Optional packaging type: For the packaging of cotton pads for face, the PE bag is the highest usage rate,with the highest overall cost-effectiveness. It is available in kraft paper boxes, white cardboard boxes, and plastic boxes. Just provide product information, and we can recommend the optimal size for you.

Optional Cotton Material: Currently, makeup cotton pads are made from composite cotton and spunlaced cotton. Composite cotton consists of two fabric layers and one cotton layer, while spunlaced cotton is made of a single cotton layer. The common materials used are 100% cotton, 100% viscose, or a blend of both.

Pattern Selection and Customization of Cotton Pad

In daily beauty care, the use of makeup remover pads cotton and soft cotton pads is very frequent. Everyone has noticed that there are differences in the thickness, texture, tactile experience, and overall effect of each type of cotton pad. The rubbing force between textured cotton pads and the skin is enhanced, which can achieve a deep cleaning effect. Cotton pads without textures will gently clean the skin, and the effect is better when combined with toner cotton pads and makeup cotton liquids.

Customized Unique Packaging

Based on different shapes, patterns, sizes, and weight materials, we will choose the most suitable make up  pads packaging size for you. Of course, we have multiple options to customize packaging, bagging, boxed, and other forms of cosmetic cotton packaging for you.

Selection of Packaging Materials

cotton makeup remover pads��1��


It is Semi-transparent frosted bag,unique texture, smooth and soft. Excellent waterproof can keep the product dry, keep longer use life of cotton pad.
cosmetic cotton pads��2��

Transparent PE Bag

Transparent bags make the product clear and visible, with good toughness and excellent sealing, effectively isolating other impurities and gases.
cotton cosmetic pads��3��

Kraft Paper Box

The texture is tough, not easily damaged, environmental protection,and has good moisture resistance. The surface of the box can be polish and matt, suitable for printing various patterns and texts.
round cotton pads for face��4��

White Cardboard Box

With characteristics of wear resistance, waterproofing, and collision resistance.Suitable for printing various patterns color and texts. 
makeup pad remover��5��

Drawstring Bag

The design of the drawstring bag is simple and convenient to use. It can easy to Hang on the bathroom and shelves. You need to pull the rope on the bag to seal it and prevent material overflow.
make up removing pads��7��

Pulling Zipper Bag

After opening, it can be resealed to effectively prevent dust, sewage, and other pollutants that contaminate the cotton pad.
cotton cleansing pads��6��

Zipper Bag

Can effectively protect the products inside. Same time, the packaging has good transparency and sealing, effectively preventing other gases from entering the packaging.
makeup remover rounds��8��

Plastic Box

Strong waterproof and moisture-proof performance, effectively isolating dust and other substances, makeup boxes can be reused.

Our Strengths

In the current fiercely competitive market, with advanced production machines and professional research and development capabilities.

We have more than 10 round pad machines, more than 15 square pad machines, more than 20 stretchable cotton pad and cotton towel machines, and 3 punching machines. We can produce 25 million pieces per day.

Always at the forefront of the industry. Whether it is research and development strength or production capacitywe are one of a leader in the industry with strong strength. From product quality to after-sales service, we have achieved excellent results, with not only domestic teams but also foreign teams specifically connecting with foreign customers, receiving unanimous praise and appreciation from a large number of domestic and foreign customers.

Understanding The Market and Improving Service Quality


As a new era enterprise, advancing with the times is the company's philosophy, and one language and one culture represent a region. Of course, a product is also a postcard of a region,We need to quickly make product production proposals based on the customer's region and culture. In order to service our customer better,the company actively participates in domestic and foreign exhibitions, constantly improving Learning and progress, inspiring to become a top service team.

Regarding Customization, Wholesale and Retail of Cosmetic Cotton Pads

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