Preparation for live broadcast

The summer is hot, it has arrived in early September, the summer is still so hot, just like each of our partners is still enthusiastic about the work, is the so-called nothing difficult can stop everything.

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In the past of August,  September coming in a new beginning,  not only a few tracks in the running in the e-commerce industry, but also need to continue to open up new ways of development,  which for the company to expand the market to provide favorable help.  Living is the hottest industry trend in recent years,  an electronic device,  a 10 square meter scene, it can be achieved live.  Of course, this is in simple conditions can be achieved,  many of individuals and even stars will join the live industry,  bring more benefits to social fans; All walks of life have also invested in their own live broadcasting industry,  set up their own teams, and build their own brands. In the middle of the 21st century, new media has gradually expanded and expanded. As a medium of information transmission, it brings entertainment and positive energy to the society.  We increasingly feel that live broadcast has a huge impact on the society and has extraordinary significance.


In the path of development, the company has a long-term vision, based on the advantages of new media, and wants to build its own advantages in live broadcasting. In early September, the company actively carried out the preparatory work for live broadcasting, with a clear division of labor and implementation. The partners responsible for the preparation are starting from live broadcasting equipment. On Monday morning, we held a discussion meeting on the preparatory work for live broadcast, and agreed on the theme direction from live broadcast scene to live broadcast prospect. Each team member actively expressed their opinions, not only put forward suggestions, but also learned to listen to others, absorb more excellent methods, and finally recorded the meeting minutes and implemented the treatment.

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First of all, we start with the livestream equipment, lighting, green screen, signage, etc., and the tools needed for every detail are carefully considered. A professional livestream is always inseparable from professional equipment, and making good use of them is to better bring our products to customers to watch and understand the products more intuitively, hoping to help every customer. Save on sample shipping costs. Secondly, the second step to create a good anchor image, in the preparation, in order to establish the anchor can be aligned with the company image, we need to have a good mental outlook photo, as well as the standard dress of the live broadcast, each partner will upload a professional certificate, then you can see our anchors. The last is to create a live broadcast scene, about the enterprise live broadcast, divided into two ways: indoor and outdoor; Indoor mainly promote product explanation, outdoor is to take customers to visit our strength factory, let customers understand how the product is produced in quality control, but also let customers understand the charm of manufacturing.

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After the development of these three steps, the most critical is our shooting, to create a professional live broadcast, natural and indispensable on-site explanation, instead of chatting on the software without any feelings, it is better to let customers really see who is serving them, and more comprehensive understanding of the details of the product, understand the transportation of the product, understand the market of the product, etc.

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Live broadcast are working looks simple, the actual operation will be very tedious, every detail is not to be underestimated, there is an old saying, it means that can make a successful thing, most of it is not its opportunity, nor his overnight, but the details of the process, live broadcast work is the same, looking forward to be able to open up their own advantages on the new track of live broadcast. I believe it will be possible.

Post time: Sep-02-2023