Disposable face towel for cleaning

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  • Function: Remove and make up, clean adult and baby surface skin, can also be used as a towelup
  • Features: Does not irritate the skin, soft and comfortable, dry and wet dual use
  • MOQ: 30000roll
  • Supply: 9000roll
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    disposable face towel (2)
    JELLY ZHANG disposable face towel
    JELLY ZHANG disposable face towel

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    Pure Cotton Disposable Face Towel For Salon Cleaning Face Towels

    Material Cotton
    Color White
    Size 20*20cm
    Gram weight 80gsm
    Layer 1layers
    Pattrn Plain Pattern, Pearl Pattern, EF Pattern or customized
    Payment Telegraphic transfer, Xinbao and wechat Pay Alipay
    Delivery time 15-35 days after confirmation of payment (maximum quantity ordered)
    Loading Guangzhou or Shenzhen, China
    Sample Free samples
    OEM/ODM Support
    Package 160g/roll or customized
    Packagage materia PE abrasive bag or transparent plastic bag
    MOQ 30000bags
    Disposable face towel

    Application Range

    Bowinscare has a cotton washcloth to protect your delicate skin. It can be used for both wet and dry, and it is skin friendly and breathable, while it is gentle and does not shed flocs.

    It also has four major product advantages.

    1. It has strong water absorption.
    2. It uses good cotton.
    3. It is a face towel with multiple purposes. It can be dry or wet.
    4. Flexible and skin-friendly.

    Then why do we use disposable face towels?

    The authoritative data report shows that the number of bacteria in the towel with three balances is about 1 million, which is equal to 125 times the number of bacteria, and also equal to 10 cups of dishcloth water. So stop using traditional towels.

    Our face towels have two kinds of patterns.

    Pearl grain on side A, plain grain on side B. Because we found that not only the smooth touch of the plain washcloth, but also the concave-convex touch of the pearl pattern should help clean pores and massage the skin.

    JELLY ZHANG disposable face towel
    JELLY ZHANG disposable face towel

    Characteristic Advantage

    And we select new arc long-staple cotton, which is fine, soft, long and easy to absorb water. The twist of single yarn is small, and it feels soft and fluffy. Moreover, our face towels are thicker than ordinary ones, with a thickness of 50%. Instantaneous water absorption doubles the water volume. Other water absorption capacity is about 15ML/sheet, while ours can reach 30ML/sheet.

    And our washcloth is pure plant fiber and can be degraded. After combustion test, there is no black smoke, odor or black solid substance. At the same time, it is not easy to rot.

    Dry and wet

    When used dry, it looks as if the feather is soft and comfortable to be swept gently, and when used wet, it is also soft without tearing. Its breakpoint design makes it more convenient for you to use. The key is to ensure the quality, and all products have passed the relevant certification.

    Functional Advantage

    Main functions and advantages A side has dual effect, apply makeup, apply makeup water imbibition is strong environmental protection biodegradable

    After-sale Service

    Lifetime service, repurchase enjoy price concessions

    After the first purchase, we will provide you with good feedback if you have any questions about whether you can't use the product or want to know more about the product. Secondly, when you re-purchase, you have the opportunity to enjoy price concessions. In terms of logistics, you can deliver the product to the place designated by the customer without any problems.

    What are our customer groups? What kind of service can be provided for them?

    Introduction to disposable face towel Factory

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