Organic cotton sanitary napkin for woman

Short Description:

  • Function: women's menstrual supplies
  • Features: Made of organic cotton, ultra-thin, highly absorbent, rich in super absorbent molecules
  • Minimum order quantity: 1000 boxes
  • Specifications: 160MM, 245MM, 290MM, 410MM
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    Organic cotton sanitary napkin for woman (1)
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    Raw materials Organic cotton, PP, SAP
    Color White
    Thickness 0.1CM
    Method OEM customization
    Minimum order quantity 1000 boxes
    Payment TT is supported
    Payment method 30% deposit, the balance shall be paid before shipment
    Delivery time 15 days after confirmation of design draft (calculated as per 1000 boxes)
    Sample quotation Free samples
    OEM/ODM Welcome
    Filler Carton/custom packaging
    Organic cotton sanitary napkin for woman (9)

    Women's menstrual supplies We hope to accompany you through 462 periods of fragile life, warm and cure the small emotions in those days, and let you have our soft and considerate care at each stage. Packaged sanitary napkins in English

    Advantages Compared With Peers

    Low order quantity and good quality

    Made of organic cotton popular in high-end market

    Better water absorption

    Softer surface

    What are our customer groups? What kind of service can be provided for them?

    Introduction to sanitary pads Factory

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