Makeup remover Wet wipe with Single Package clean wipes

Short Description:

  • Product name: Avocado Makeup Remover Wipes
  • Application: Makeup removal, face cleaning
  • Material: Spunlaced nonwoven
  • MOQ: 60,000bags
  • Supply: 75,000 to 90,000 packs each day
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    Avocado Makeup Remover Wipes (1)
    Avocado Makeup Remover Wipes

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      Home, travel, makeup removal, face cleaning
    Material 30%viscose70%ployester
    Color White
    Size 15*20cm
    Gram weight 45gsm
    Pattrn Plain, pearl and EF or customized
    Payment Telegraphic transfer, credit insurance, invoice and wechat Pay Alipay
    Delivery time 15-25 days after confirmation of payment (maximum quantity ordered)
    Loading Guangzhou or Shenzhen, China
    Sample Free samples
    OEM/ODM Support
    Package 1 pcs or customized
    Packagage materia PE bags
    MOQ 60,000bags

    Comparative Advantages of Peers

    1. Authoritative patent protection of spunlaced non-woven fabric

    2. Arbitrary customization to meet product specifications

    3. Independent production, has a complete supply chain, cost control space is large

    4. Factory set one of the products of foreign trade services, professional after-sales service team, production scale big

    5. Have international standard dust-free workshop, 5A factory operating standards, can accept international third-party factory inspection

    Company Advantage

    1.Large scale, productivity strength with a construction area of 30000 square meters factory, high quality and high efficiency after-sale service team, ensure the smooth delivery of the goods safety to the international service level, to solve customer product positioning of sorrow; 200 employees to ensure production capacity and delivery time.

    2. The international standardization workshop mechanization automation coverage above 95%, dust-free production workshop, equipped with its own laboratory, independent research and development production technology, equipped with complete mature quality standards.


    Technological Advantage

    Spunlaced non-woven fabric is made of natural fiber pure cotton. After opening cotton and loose cotton, using the tip carding machine, mesh laying machine and drafting machine, the pure cotton is organized into a net, and the large density of needle water column formed after pressure is used to make the cotton fiber wrapped into cloth through the spunking machine. It only takes 5 minutes from raw cotton to cloth, which saves the link of spinning and weaving compared with traditional weaving cloth, shortens working hours, saves energy consumption, labor and equipment, is low carbon and environmental protection, energy saving and emission reduction, and reduces the cost by about 30%. Its process has the world's advanced level of cloth forming technology.

    Avocado Makeup Remover Wipes (5)

    Application Range

    The makeup remove wet wipes can be used for Personal care/Women makeup removing/House cleaning/Office cleaning/Outdoor use and can be repeated use. But remember don’t flush the tissue, dispose of used tissues in trash.

    Product Superiority

    1.Wipes for dry skin with restoring minerals and no alcohol

    2.Provides skin with lasting moisture

    3.Removes even waterproof mascara

    4.Dermatologically tested and suitable for sensitive skin Cleansing experience

    5.quality guaranteeWith Aloe Vera

    After-sale Service

    Lifetime service, repurchase enjoy price concessions

    After the first purchase, we will provide you with good feedback if you have any questions about whether you can't use the product or want to know more about the product. Secondly, when you re-purchase, you have the opportunity to enjoy price concessions. In terms of logistics, you can deliver the product to the place designated by the customer without any problems.

    What are our customer groups? What kind of service can be provided for them?

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    Won the white list of Ministry of Commerce”
    Workshop2 (6)
    Workshop2 (8)
    Workshop2 (10)
    Listed in China. In the same year, it invested and established Guangdong Baochang Environmental New Material Products Co., LTD., with planned annual output value of 600 million yuan
    Won the title of "high-tech enterprise"


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