March New Trade Festival Internal Review Meeting

Good day !With the April arrived, Guangdong Baochuang achieved fruitful results during the New Trade Festival in March last month. The eagles in northern Guangdong are soaring and striving to achieve our goals. The long March has been a month of sweat and dedication for us. Every member never forgets their original intention, runs towards their own goals, and finally completes their performance with a proud score of 1.97 million yuan throughout March, breaking the new year’s new performance record. The so-called “red at the beginning of the year, red at the beginning, shaking at the performance”.

On the afternoon of April 11th at 14:00, we held a team review meeting for the March New Trade Festival in the hotel. Firstly, each partner took turns on stage to summarize their thoughts and gains during this struggle. The process is hard and tiring, as the saying goes, one party’s sweat lays the foundation for another party’s victory. Of course, there are both hard work and gains, pain and joy, obstacles and growth

Secondly, each member not only summarizes the experience of last month, but also sets goals and plans for the future. With only goals in mind, our direction of effort will not deviate. As the saying goes, riding the wind and breaking the waves will sometimes happen, until the clouds and sails reach the sea

Next is the process where each member of us will give each other their desired score. The highest scoring team will receive a small reward, not only for speeches, but also for every partner who achieves their goals. All the gains in March are the accumulation of achieving larger goals in the future. I believe our team will become more and more outstanding. Let’s work together!

Finally, our Baochuang foreign trade team enjoys a wonderful dinner and celebrates the joy of victory together

Post time: Apr-24-2023