Guangdong Baochuang gives face towel new vitality with science and technology

With the progress of science and technology and the improvement of life quality, we are pursuing more and more life experiences. We come into contact with different electronic products every day, and our skin will become more sensitive when we use them for a long time. In daily life, we need soft cotton towels with new non-woven fabric material to protect our skin.

In the production, we use fully automatic mechanical operation, slicing, folding and packaging, mechanization covers the whole production process, Starting from a roll of hundreds of kilograms of raw materials, we roll out to print patterns. After passing through the cutting area, we can see the precise edge cutting process on each face towel. The cut non-woven fabric will be transported to the folding and packing area along with this conveyor belt, and loaded with our exquisite packaging for hot pressing edge sealing, and finally become the finished product. Of course, the same goes for our roll-on face towels, which are mechanically rolled together and wrapped in our PE drawstring bag, Implement a finished product.

Production process of facial towel

Not only exquisite technology, but also a variety of packaging styles, the daily production capacity can reach 3,600,000 pieces, and service more than 100 countries.

What are our customer groups

Guangdong Baochang has 15 years of successful experience in the research of new materials that are beneficial to human body. Not only innovates in the production mode, but also cooperates with South China University of Technology in the pilot, constantly innovates and makes breakthroughs in "production", "learning" and "research", and pursues customer experience as the first way. At present, under the trend of global supply chain, Guangdong Baochang is also actively optimizing the cost of self-industrial supply chain, creating self-owned brands with advantages, and providing professional services with market competitiveness for the world.

With the continuous progress of science, we are more closely related and closely connected after the epidemic. In the future, we will work together in the same boat and set sail. We look forward to cooperating with you and me

Post time: Mar-17-2023