Cotton pad production workshop

When you walk into beauty stores and supermarkets, bags of gorgeous cotton pad will catch your eye. There are 80 pieces of cotton, 100 pieces of cotton, 120 pieces of cotton, 150 pieces of cotton, round sharp and square sharp. Tear off the dotted line at the mouth of the bag and take out a round cotton pad. You will find that such a small piece of cotton pad is even printed with various patterns, including diamonds, flowers, tigers and so on. A small piece of cotton pad  embodies the wisdom and achievements of countless people. Today, I will take you into the production workshop of cotton pad and let you know about the production workshop of cotton pad.

Cotton pad production workshop

Round cotton pad workshop: The most common size of round cotton pad is diameter: 5.8cm, thickness: 180gsm. In the production of round cotton pad , the first step is to cut composite cotton (raw material) into a width of: 28cm cylinder, such a roll of material is fixed on the material support, start the machine, the material will slowly rotate up and down to disperse, and then reach the makeup cotton machine, the machine is equipped with a variety of patterns of mold, material passing through, the mold will be heavily stamped on the surface of the makeup cotton, the next step is the makeup cotton cutting. When the cotton with various patterns is pressed through the slitter knife, it is automatically cut into 4 pieces, and then the finished cotton is finished. The works can take out the cotton and put it into a bag at the exit.

Square cotton pad workshop: The most common size of square cotton pad is: 5*6cm, thickness gram weight: 150gsm, the production process is similar to that of round cotton pad. Prepare raw material - material processing - cutting -Finished product to completed- packaging. Because the width of our square cotton pad machine is 94cm, the width of our raw materials is determined to be 94cm.

Our factory has a standard dust-free cotton pad production workshop, high production capacity, high quality, fast delivery, good service, our cosmetic cotton exports to Southeast Asia, Europe, South America more than 100 countries, highly praised by customers.

Post time: Jun-03-2019