Factory OEM all-purpose towel dishwashing scrub sheets for household cleaning

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  • Product name: Dishwashing scrub sheets
  • Application: Countertop, Closet, Desktop, Kitchen Cleaning,furniture cleaning
  • Brand Name: Bowinscare
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      Dishwashing Scrub Sheets For Household Cleaning
    Material Polypropylene
    Color Grey
    Size 20*22cm
    Gram weight 70gsm
    Layer 1layers
    OEM/ODM Support
    Payment Telegraphic transfer, Xinbao and wechat Pay Alipay
    Delivery time 15-35 days after confirmation of payment (maximum quantity ordered)
    Loading Guangzhou or Shenzhen, China
    Sample Free samples
    Dishwashing scrub sheets

    In modern fast-paced life, the kitchen has become an important part of our daily life. In kitchen work, rags are an indispensable cleaning tool, and a good wear-resistant rag is an indispensable tool. Today, we will focus on the dishwashing scrub sheets and reveal its various advantages, especially its unique feature of not damaging pots during use.

    1. High-tech materials, extremely wear-resistant

    Traditional rags tend to wear easily, while dishwashing scrub sheets use advanced high-tech materials and are extremely wear-resistant. This means you can use it in the kitchen without worrying about the dishcloth getting tattered quickly.

    2. Gentle and not harmful to pots, protecting kitchen utensils

    Dishwashing scrub sheets is designed with gentleness in mind. It can not only effectively clean food residues, but also will not cause damage to the surface of the pot. This is great news for those who value their kitchen gadgets. You no longer have to worry about the surface of the pot being scratched or worn when using a rag.

    3. Colorful choices, personalized matching

    The scrubber sheet not only has a breakthrough in function, but also has a unique appearance. A wide variety of colors and patterns are available, making your kitchen no longer boring but full of personality and style.

    When choosing kitchen supplies, try this new type of disposable scrub sheets to make kitchen work easier and more enjoyable.

    The new kitchen wear-resistant rag solves the problem of damage that traditional rags may cause to the pot surface through innovative materials, special designs and strong water absorption. In daily use, it not only cleans efficiently, but also protects the pot and makes it more durable. If you want to have a better cleaning experience in the kitchen, try this new wear-resistant cloth to bring a new cleaning experience to your kitchen.

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    After the first purchase, we will provide you with good feedback if you have any questions about whether you can't use the product or want to know more about the product. Secondly, when you re-purchase, you have the opportunity to enjoy price concessions. In terms of logistics, you can deliver the product to the place designated by the customer without any problems.

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