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  • Product Name: Disposable Compressed Towels
  • Material: Cotton
  • Pattern: EF Pattern,Pearl Pattern or Customizable
  • Service: Free label design
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    Product Name Disposable Compressed Towels
    Material Cotton
    Pattern EF Pattern, Pearl Pattern or Customizable
    Specification 14pcs/box 25*37cm, The Specification also can be customized
    Packing PE bag/box,can be customized
    OEM & ODM Accepted
    Payment Telegraphic transfer, Xinbao and wechat Pay Alipay
    Delivery time 15-35 days after confirmation of payment (maximum quantity ordered)
    Loading Guangzhou or Shenzhen, China
    Sample Free samples

    Compressed towels are a small but magical presence in life. Perhaps in our daily lives, we don’t pay much attention to this small towel, but once you experience its portability and practicality, you will find that it is a little fairy squeezed into your life.

    1. Mini body, large capacity
    Compressed towels are loved for their compact appearance. Typically, this towel is only about the size of your palm in diameter, but once it comes into contact with water, it works its magic. You will be surprised to find that a pocket-sized compressed towel can instantly expand into a towel large enough to easily meet your water-absorbing needs. Whether it is for outdoor travel, gym exercise or office backup, it can be easily carried.

    2. Save water and protect the environment, and love the earth starts with a towel
    The magic of compressed towels is not only that they are portable, but also that they are environmentally friendly. Due to its excellent water absorption properties, you only need a very small amount of water for daily wiping or hand wiping needs. This not only helps save water, but also reduces the frequency of washing and the use of washing machines, thereby reducing energy consumption and truly realizing the environmental protection concept of small towels making a big difference.

    3. Exquisite design, fashionable and versatile
    Modern compressed towels not only pursue practicality, but also focus on design. The various colors, patterns and material choices make compressed towels not only a practical tool in life, but also a fashionable and versatile matching item. Whether you put it in your bag or hang it at home, it can add a little beauty to your life.

    4. Multifunctional, versatile and versatile
    Compressed towels can be used for much more than that. In addition to being a good helper for wiping hands and sweat, it can also be used as a sun protection towel, scarf, or even a temporary rag. During the journey, it can quickly solve various life details and give you a relaxed and comfortable travel experience.

    In this era of pursuing convenience and ease, compressed towels are a small existence, but they play a huge role in life. Let us embrace this little fairy and let her become an indispensable part of our lives!

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    After the first purchase, we will provide you with good feedback if you have any questions about whether you can't use the product or want to know more about the product. Secondly, when you re-purchase, you have the opportunity to enjoy price concessions. In terms of logistics, you can deliver the product to the place designated by the customer without any problems.

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