How do women choose sanitary napkins?

Sanitary napkin is a commodity that must be used by women during their menstrual period. Choosing sanitary napkins with good quality and suitable for themselves can effectively absorb menstrual blood and ensure women's menstrual health. So, how to use the female sanitary napkin? How should women choose sanitary napkins? Let's teach you the right way.

3 points for women to pay attention to when using sanitary napkins

1. Replace every two hours;

2. Be careful to use medical sanitary napkin to prevent allergy;

3. Wash your hands before removing the sanitary napkin.

How do women choose sanitary napkins?

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Soft fabric

The sanitary napkin has different materials according to each person's situation. The sanitary napkin products mainly made of pure cotton, natural non-woven fabric or imported mesh surface are selected to ensure that when the product surface contacts the skin, it feels soft and comfortable, moves freely, does not cause irritation to the skin, and does not cause skin swelling or abrasion due to the friction between the skin and the sanitary napkin in daily activities.

Good ventilation

Especially in summer, if the towel is thin, the material is mainly made of expanded natural non-woven fabric, and if it contains a breathable bottom film and thin strip shaped adhesive, the sanitary towel will be more breathable, and it is difficult to lock the hot air and odor

Easy to pull sticker design

If a piece of sanitary napkin can be easily torn, it can be gently pasted and restored to its original state, and no residual adhesive will be left on the underpants during replacement. The sanitary napkin that meets this standard has the best adhesive performance, while effectively ensuring the cleanness, hygiene and convenience during use.

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Night use products have unique shapes

The triple combination of three grooves to protect against side leakage, forward tilt of the protective wing, and widening and enlarging the fan-shaped tail can improve the quality of menstrual sleep and make the night rest more comfortable.

Good water absorption effect

The surface layer of high-quality sanitary napkin adopts relatively new technologies such as flexible cotton moisture drain hole, its water absorption capacity is twice that of ordinary cotton sanitary napkin. At the same time, high polymer water absorption beads are evenly distributed inside the sanitary napkin, which can not only effectively absorb and lock water, but also absorb 14 times more water than the original capacity of ordinary towels. The water absorption capacity can improve the humid environment on the surface of sanitary napkin to the maximum extent and reduce the reproduction of bacteria.

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Concave when large

For sanitary napkins, concave and concave are two different leakage methods. The concave has a fast instantaneous leakage speed and is suitable for use on days with large menstrual blood volume. The penetration speed of convex surface is slightly slow, but the middle part becomes thicker, which is not easy to penetrate. It is suitable for going out or using at night.

Post time: Feb-03-2023